8 and 16 bit Embedded Microcontroller Consultant. Microchip PIC Series, Free scale
(Motorola) 68HC series and Intel MCS 51 Series Microcontrollers. Analog and Digital
hardware design. Software development in Assembly, C and Visual Basic.

Other Electronics Services includes PC Board Layout, Packaging, Agencies
Compliance, ESD Testing, Prototype Fabrication and Test, Documentation and
Design Verification Test.

Microchip Consultant Program Member since 2003.
Residential and commercial Electrical wiring Design, Preventive Maintenance,
Troubleshooting, Repair, Addition/Remodeling, Structured Wiring, Home Theater
Indoor/outdoor Lighting, Outlets, Switches, and GFCI.
Licensed and Bonded
C7          832467, Low Voltage
C10        832467, Electrician
C46        832467, Solar
Photovoltaic training, design, installation and maintenance for residential and
commercial. Go green to reduce or eliminate your electric bills, protect yourself from
rising rates and help the environment. Our commitment to excellence in construction
and design is unparalleled. Our rigorous design and competitive prices results in
maximum return on your investment.
Instructional classroom test and installation equipment for high school and college
level photovoltaic courses. Special application products, Special ordered products,
Hard to find Products.