Residential/Commercial Electrical Wiring
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Residential and commercial Electrical wiring
Design, Preventive Maintenance,
Troubleshooting, Repair, Home Theater,
Remodeling, Structured Wiring, Indoor/outdoor
Lighting, Outlets, Switches, and GFCI.

Residential/Commercial Electrical Wiring
Structured Wiring
Home Theater
Computer Wiring and Networking
LED and Fluorescent Lighting
Fan, all types
Circuit Breakers and Fuses
Outlets, Switches, and GFCI
Indoor and Outdoor Lighting
Jacuzzi, Spa and Pool equipment
The information and communication revolution will have as much impact on your home and
business as did the electrical revolution of 20th century. Integrated Networks’ Structured Media
can be the upgrade path to the future for any home and deliver the bandwidth and speed that
today’s and tomorrow’s information and entertainment technologies will demand. Home
Control and Security systems raise the home’s IQ level, making it more secure and
responsive to the needs of its owner. Broadband Home Upgrade connects category 5e
network at either 10 or 100 Mbps to share data and peripherals. Plus, it provides internet
sharing with firewall protection for multiple PCs.

Integrated Networks takes the concept of structure wiring to combines telephone
communications, computer and internet services, audio/video and much more. It manage and
distribute voice, data, audio and video in flexible configurations and typical packages that best
suit each homeowner’s individual requirements. These requirements can range from
something as simple as cable TV and telephone in several rooms to Local Area Network
(LAN) for a small office or home based business.