Electronics Consulting
8 and 16 bit Embedded Microcontroller Consultant. Microchip PIC Series, Free scale
(Motorola) 68HC series and Intel MCS 51 Series Microcontrollers. Analog and Digital
hardware design. Software development in Assembly, C and Visual Basic.

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Microchip Consultant Program Member since 2003.
Following are some of the projects that we have work on during past 25 years.

Dual Axis Accelerometer
          LED Lighting
          Marine Water Quality Monitor
          Automatic Valves Controller for a swimming pool Filtration System
          Pressure Switch Tester
          Pump controller
          Various controllers for spas, and swimming pools
          Software verification for an aerospace project
          Call Box for hearing impaired
          Keyboard and mouse for PCs and games
          Car security Alarm
          Vehicle Location Units
          Absolute and Incremental Encoders
          Liquid Level measurement and Transmitters